Freestyle Area


The freestyle is a discipline which aligns dexterity of your movements, being on snowboard with ease and quick execution of figures. The freestyle area is designed for people who have an advanced or expert level in snowboarding, ski-dooing or snow biking. It is made up of different tables (levels blue and red) consisting of one ‘rainbow’, two ‘box plates’ which includes one ‘kink

Opening times of the freestyle area (on the condition of the snowfall and security mesures) :

  • Night skiing : Tuesdays outside school holidays, Fridays during school holidays from 7pm until 9pm.
  • Daytime : Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Every day during the school break in Zone B


An area made up of ‘whoops’ and elevated curves. Located between the Montjoie ski pistes and the blue ski piste La Maze, the boardercross boasts a difference in altitude of 185m (202 yards) for a length of 300m (328 yards).

It can be used for official competition in the category.

Outils d'accessibilité