Access to the Ski Resort

how to come to Lac Blanc 900 and Lac Blanc 1200


The skiable domain of Lac Blanc is located between 900 and 1200m in attitude (or 2953 ft and 3937 ft). It is possible to access directly to both altitudes by Le Bonhomme to reach Lac Blanc 900 and by Orbey for Lac Blanc 1200. The resort gets its name from Lac Blanc which is on the road leading from Orbey to Lac Blanc 1200.

A small clarification: the ski pistes are not located at the lake’s level but a little further. The Ski instruction schools are located at Lac Blanc 1200, we suggest to take this access, mostly for the beginners.

Access Lac Blanc ski resort

Coming from the VOSGES ?

Take the  direction  ‘Anould –Plainfaing’- ‘Col du Bonhomme’-( Le Bonhomme Mountain pass) go down 2 km ( about 1.24 miles) after the pass-take a right for 2 km ( about 1.24 miles)-you will arrive  at the foot of the ski lift ( lac Blanc 900). There is a possibility to take a right at the Col du Bonhomme (in the direction of the “Col de Calvaire”) the road is voluntarily not plowed.

Coming from Alsace ?

Take the exit Colmar-Kaysersberg-then head towards ‘Le Bonhomme’ by the road: RD415.

Itinerary A: To get to Lac Blanc 900, take the direction of ‘Le Bonhomme” by the roundabout/traffic circle in Hachimette- go 2 km ( or 1.24 miles) after the exit from Le Bonhomme town- take a left for 2 km ( or 1.24 miles) and you arrive at the ski lift.

Itinerary B : To get to Lac Blanc 1200, take the direction of ‘ Orbey’ at the roundabout/traffic circle in Hachimette- go through the village in the direction of ‘Les Lacs’ ( the Lakes)- continue for about 12km ( a little less than 8 miles) and you arrive at the col du Calvaire.

Our Suggestion :

Whichever way that you choose, it is mandatory to have the proper equipment for the snow:  tire chains or snow tires.

In Alsace, particularly in the Vosges Mountains, you are not safe from snowfall and as a result, the roads can become very slippery.

The mountain roads are plowed but not salted, the lanes stay white.

INFO : the “ routes des crêtes “ ( the mountain peak roads) is closed all winter (from  1st December to around the 1st May)  from the ‘ Col de la Schlucht ( the Schlucht Mountain Pass) to the “ Col du Calvaire”. They are replaced by the cross country skiing trails for the pleasure of those who come to cross country ski. . The road that links the ‘Col du Bonhomme’ to the ‘col des Bagenelles’ are also closed to all traffic.

GPS coordinates

Lac Blanc 900 :
Latitude : 48.146428 
Longitude : 7.076708

Lac Blanc 1200 : 
Latitude : 48.136373
Longitude : 7.088521


We remind you that there is no longer a shuttle that takes you to the Lac Blanc Ski Resort.


The obligation for motorists to equip their vehicles with winter tyres is effective from 1st November 2023, on all roads in the Vosges Massif, until 31st March 2024.

With this new provision, light vehicles, commercial vehicles and motor homes will have to :

  • either have removable anti-skid devices (metal or textile snow chains) in their boot to equip at least two driving wheels;
  • or be equipped with four winter tyres.

More information: click here to download all details


You don't have a car or you want company to join the station? Think about carsharing.

In addition, in recent months, a carsharing area has been set up on the RD415, in the immediate vicinity of the Fréland roundabout (in front of the football field), allowing all those who so wish to park their vehicles there to continue their carsharing journey.

To propose or search for a carshare, consult the dedicated sites:


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