Swimming pool

Come take a tip !

After a day of sightseeing, nothing better than a relaxing session at the pool, no ?

Come lounge around in the aqua pool and the balneo area, give a good end to your day!

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Swimming pool Arc en ciel

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    31Rue du Geisbourg
    68240Kaysersberg Vignoble


    Visite virtuelle

    The Arc en Ciel swimming pool has a sport pool, a leisure pool and a paddling pool.

    During summer the 3 hectares park is open you can find a playground, a paddling pool (only open from 10th July to 2sd September 1.30 tà 6.30 pm, closed on Saturdays), water games and a beach volley field.

    Evacuation of the pools and closing of the cash desk 20 minutes before the pool closes (30 minutes on Sundays).

    The water of the pools is treated with ozone so there is no chlorine smell and no eye irritation.

    Prochaines dates

    Of 06/09/2023 to 20/10/2023
    Of Lundi to Jeudi de 12:00 à 14:00 et de 16:00 à 19:00The Vendredi de 12:00 à 21:00
    Of 06/09/2023 to 10/11/2023
    The Samedi de 09:00 à 18:00
    Of 06/09/2023 to 15/12/2023
    The Dimanche de 09:00 à 13:00

    Useful information

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    Length of visit/event
    Rates in €
    Adult rate : 4 €
    Child rate : 4 €
    Methods of payment
    Credit cardChequeHoliday vouchersCash
    Enfants (âges) concernés
    0-2 years
    3-6 years
    7-12 years
    13-18 years
    Facilities for children
    Children's changing area
    Possibility of Internet connection
    Accès Internet


    Altitude (m)
    240 m
    GPS coordinates
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