Pretty spots to picnic

and to enjoy the sun

On the mountain heights of Lac Blanc 

This morning, we get up one hour earlier, in the direction of the Lac Blanc spring. But why so early? Just to En-joy!!!

In the backpack, we have packed our breakfast and camera! As for me, freshly squeezed orange juice, bread/jam, an apple and some tea! A short book, my hiking shoes and it’s time to go!!

From the reception building at Lac Blanc 1200, take the ‘sentier des crêtes’ (the mountain summit trail) which overlooks Lac Blanc (red circle signs).  After 20/30 minutes, you will come to the Lac Blanc spring, there, take a seat at one of the tables, take out your packed breakfast, and enjoy the moment! Magical, isn’t it?

Once you are finished, and your trash is packed up, you can continue around the lake by following the red circle signs, or go on with a walk that is a little longer towards the Lac Noir or the trout fishing lake/ Lac Vert by GR5! Your choice ☺
Only one important thing to remember for this breakfast in the mountain heights: ENJOY!

By Aurelie C.

The big horse chestnut trees in Kientzheim

Meeting point in front of the Confrérie Saint Etiennne (Saint Etienne Guild) (where the Wine and Vineyard Museum is also located), for a bucolic break in Kientzheim! Go across the cobbled center of the village center and turn right on Place du Lieutenant Dutilh: and there you are on “Le Derrala”.

This picnic area, in a lush and green area, is sheltered by majestic horse chestnut trees! Tables and benches, a playground for children, a ping-pong table: everything necessary to relax!

My springtime indulgence, to snack on some cherries, picked here (the cherry trees belong to the town, so you have the right to pick them, being reasonable of course, everyone can enjoy this little pleasure.)

A detour in the town streets is unavoidable: go through the pedestrian portal “Schneckentor” (16th century), to go along the exterior ramparts. Some beautiful houses to colored timbered walls intersperse the streets.

Helpful info: the bicycle path from Kaysersberg to Sigolsheim joins the majestic horse chestnut trees. Electric-assisted bikes for rent at Kaysersberg (Alsa Cyclo Tours).

And also...

If you haven't found what you were looking for in our favourites, you can take a look at the "official" list of picnic areas below!

As a bonus, we have even selected a walk or a hike whose itinerary passes through the picnic area: just download the documentation on the picnic area's page.

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