Places to slow down and relax 

Need a break ?

And if for once, we need to slow down?

Take the time to explore the outdoors, relax and to enjoy the calm and serenity.
We will show you some of our heart stoppers and favorite places where you too can really relax and decompress!

That is also a vacation, no?

The Col de Chamont (Chamont mountain pass)

The Col de Chamont (Chamont mountain pass), its breathtaking nature when I feel like some fresh air, and get myself away from all the noise.

Coming from Kaysersberg or Orbey, we can get there by Lapoutroie, then after passing near Lapoutroie, in the direction of Ribeaugoutte and following the road that zigzags: we are subjugated to the charm of the landscapes: the green pastures, the farms, the cows, the flowers…

Numerous temptations to stop on the side of the road. Parking places are nevertheless available all along the trail, but I would advise you to wait at least for the center of Chamont where a small courtyard will welcome your vehicle. At the upper part of the col de Chamont (Chaumont mountain pass), park as carefully as you can on the side of the road. On your arrival, walk alittle bit to get to the edge of a field with a great landscape and open your blanket!

These fields belong to the local farmers, so respect these fields (the temptation is great, I know, but don’t, under any circumstance, go on the fields while imitating Laura Ingalls…).

The only thing to do now is… nothing : relax your toes, let go of your stress, listen to the  little birds and the wind that is stroking the trees, let yourself be amazed by the landscapes and captivated by the calm and quiet here….close your eyes….and why not let yourself take a nap ?

Wineck castle

Katzenthal, a small Alsatian village near Colmar, with one particularity: its medieval castle planted in the vineyards.  Very practical in case of an invasion because the assailants as well as the besieged won’t die of thirst…

From the village church, all in white, follow the signs that will direct you towards the Wineck Castle.

On your arrival, enjoy the stunning view of the village, the ‘route des vins’ ( the wine road), Colmar…for me, I love to rest in the grass and listen to the hubbubs of the wine growers’ voices, who are working these vines that are hanging on solidly to the steep hillsides.

My advice: on your return, a short stop at one of the many wineries in Katzenthal for some wine tasting of the Alsatian white wine.

Kaysersberg Castle

The simpliest way to get to the Kaysersberg castle is to leave from the townhall ( la mairie) (which also is home to the tourism office) : from the courtyard, go under the porch in the direction of «  Jardin des Senteurs » ( garden of odors).

 This small park, located in a calm and relaxing environment that is bursting with a thousand and one exhilarating smells of flowers and vines resembles a medieval garden.

Go through the garden to take the steps that lead up to the Kaysersberg Castle, only accessible by foot, but in less than 5 minutes !
At the donjon level, I advise you to go up the stone stairs on the heights, to reach the wooden benches. As soon as I am there, I admire each side the diverse landscapes of our beautiful valley. Between the endless sweep of vineyards and the lush forests in the mountains that are welcoming me, I let myself go, my beaming smile is on, and I take in all the positive vibes!

For the daring, try the uphill trail up to the top of donjon. 100 steps higher, a breathtaking view is there for you!