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Admit it, we all want to post our fantastic vacation photos to make our friends green with envy! You know, to hear them say: ‘Wow! Lucky you!!’

To help you, we give you here some of our best photo spots…..and don’t forget to post your most beautiful photos on the social networks with the hashtag: #lac_blanc!

sunrise ; lac blanc ; vosges

To enjoy the sunrise

That morning, I woke up while it was still dark.  Was that on purpose?  I don't remember. It doesn't matter. I was up. Outside, the sky was clear, clear.  It was going to be a sunny day.  Perfect weather to enjoy every moment. After breakfast, I immediately put on my hiking gear and my sneakers.  The morning routine. Well, almost, because this day would not be like any other.  I slip my camera into my bag and off I go.  I'm heading for the summits.  

A 15min drive from the first mountain villages Orbey, Lapoutroie, Le Bonhomme, 30min from the bottom of the valley, Kaysersberg and surroundings, I reach the Lac Blanc 1200 resort.   The departure is from the Col du Calvaire. 

The equipment on my back, I go up. I must not be late. I follow the GR5 signposting. Then I turn left to follow the Lac Blanc ridge. As I pass, chamois. I don't bother them. They slowly move away and disappear into the rocky walls. I can hear the water running down. A few cars in the distance. That's all I hear. I keep walking. The sky turns pink. I'm not there yet. I'm speeding up. A faint light appears.  I'm there. I'm sitting on the bench on the ridge. It overlooks Lac Blanc. The show's starting.  I'm admiring. 


photo ; picture ; chamois ; vosges ; lac blanc

Photographing the chamois

The night before, I had prepared everything I needed. I knew that the next day before dawn, I would be on the summits. I still didn't know how long I would spend there, but the possibility of meeting the athletes of our mountains was already arousing all my excitement.   

I am adapting to their lifestyle. In the morning, they come up the slopes to feed themselves. During the day, they hide in the rocks. It's hard to see them. Sometimes in the late afternoon, in the middle of the high meadows, a magic shadow appears. If nothing happens I am not discouraged. I don't expect anything. The time spent up there, alone at the summit is enough for me. It soothes me and transports me.

I reach the ridge above Lac Blanc very early. I remain discreet and keep an eye out. Suddenly, here they are. I can see them in the distance in the middle of the path. They are grazing and moving quietly. The face to face I had hoped for. I watch them. I respect their privacy. They must not see me. Nor hear me. I don't move with my eyes wide open.


Spot: plus Google code *: 43FP+M4

sunset ; lac blanc ; vosges

Admire the sunset

The light was fading and yet impossible to go down. It was one night at the end of summer. The temperature was still mild. The colors were already heralding autumn at high altitude. At this time of year, night falls faster too. But there are places that inspire you. That hold you back. So that night I stayed.

On the path through the high stubble, the sun never leaves me. It slowly descends and attracts my attention, as if the rays were inviting me to take part in the show. All around, the natural moorland of hornbeam and blueberries slowly turns into a golden carpet. This place is a marvel. I admire it in the silence. The enchantment of colours on the horizon gives me a feeling of lightness.  

I play with the sun. I contemplate the sky turning pink and then yellow until the last rays fade behind the mountain. I am not nostalgic. I know it performs differently every night. After this long moment of happiness, in the distance, the echo of the deer's roar can be heard. The chamois also come up the slopes to feed. So many surprises generously offered by nature.

That evening, I left in the dark thinking that tomorrow I would come back.


Spot: plus Google code *: 436H+74

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