Teasing the fish 

Pêche, Lac Blanc, Vosges, étangs, lacs, rivières.

Feel like enjoying peace and quiet in the great outdoors?
In ponds, in lakes, or rivers, you have numerous possibilities to go fishing in our mountains.

There are several fishing opportunities close to the Lac Blanc resort:

  • fishing is permitted at Lac Blanc on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from early May to early October, with a limit of 4 catches. A fishing licence is required,
  • fishing is also permitted at the Lac Noir except on Thursdays and Fridays (except public holidays) from early May to early October and is limited to 4 catches. A fishing licence is required,
  • river fishing is also possible at Orbey from early March to mid-September.

In the surrounding area, you'll also find ponds and rivers where you can enjoy your favourite activity. You can find all the information you need about fishing at the Lac Blanc resort and in the surrounding area in our fishing guide, which you can download here.