At Hans Boulder

Crédit photo CampToCamp

Rock climbing is a complete discipline that requires dexterity and agility!

It can be done next to Lac Blanc, but be aware: only experienced climbers can try or be accompanied by a guide.

It is Hans Boulder where our equipped mountaineering routes are located. They overlook Lac Blanc and offer you an exceptional view. But these granite climbing routes deserve a try! In fact, the way leading to it is by a steep path then it opens up with a view of the lake. The itineraries spread on a perfectly perfect boulder. The athletic passages dominate; they can do lengths by climbing on a variety of rises.

We can make out the climbing routes with different grades of difficulty, going from 4b to 7c+ and is indexed in a climbing rundown (“Est’calades des Vosges du Sud” 4th edition of 2021). For the aficionados, the rundown is explicit enough. If you are a beginner, we strongly recommend to respect the safety rules or to ask a climbing instructor for help.